Saturday, October 3, 2009

I'm so glad he knows his name...

This morning Lovebug was in the bathroom with me while I was doing my
hair. We were having a conversation about The Little Gym. He loves his
teacher Miss Laurie. I told him (like I do every Saturday) that
Princess goes first then he goes. He said he didn't want Sissy (his
name for Princess) to go. Trying to reason with him I said that
Princess goes to the little kid class and is a Bird. And that he goes
to the big kid class and is a Super Beast. He thought about it and
said "Sissy is a bird?". I said "Yes and you're a Super Beast.". And
what is his natural response to that? No I'm First name last name (
and that loses all it's humor not using real names). And then he said
and Sissy is Sissy Last name. I really think that he believes that
Princesses first name is Sissy.


WolfeFamily said...

Ethan used to do that. Someone would tell him "See you later alligator." He would look at them confused and then say no, my name is...... it is not alligator.

Lysana said...

Hehe, that is hilarious! :)

The "see you later alligator" comment reminds me - my father-in-law said that to my daughter when we were headed home one evening, and she thought a moment, then responded, "See you later...Kitty!" LOL!