Sunday, October 4, 2009

I want my rug back and Princess walking

We had hardwood floors put in our living room/dining room a couple of months ago and had the old carpet ripped up. The other night Lovebug was running from the kitchen to the dining room and tripped over the seam between the 2 rooms. He fell but really not hard and didn't get hurt. However, the first thing he said to me was "I want my rug back", meaning that he wanted us to put the carpet back in, definitely a much softer landing surface. I explained to him that we weren't going to do that. We then went upstairs to start bedtime and he was quite happy to see the carpet upstairs in the hallway, LOL.

And just because I always have so many funny stories about Lovebug I feel I should include some stuff on Princess. She is starting to walk a lot more, she's finally not walking all funny looking. She still gets SO excited though when she walks so she ends up making herself fall over. But she walked all the way across our kitchen the other day and is doing more & more everday. Ahhh, maybe I won't be carrying her until she's 18, LOL.

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Lysana said...

Hee hee! So cute! VERY funny about the "rug" - they are so bright! And love it that your little girl is walking around more...can't wait to see what kind of trouble she and the Baby Guy get into. :)