Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Night Potty training Lovebug

Oh man, there were 2 things I wanted to write about and now I can only remember one of them, ugh!

The one I remember. Lovebug has been wearing underwear to bed the past few nights. We had run out of diapers, I told him that I wasn't buying more but that he could wear pullups to bed. We bought some on Sunday and he REFUSES to wear them. Sunday night I got him up when I went to bed to use the potty but he didn't go. He woke up wet. Monday night I didn't wake him up when I went to bed and he woke up wet. Last night, he went to bed, I didn't wake him up but this morning Hubby woke him up before he had a chance to wake up himself and he was dry! I had said that I think he pees early in the morning. And that must be what it is. Now the funny part. I was still home when Hubby got him up, so I said "give me a high five" to Lovebug and he did. Then he said "Now you need to shake my hand". I was cracking up. Someone somewhere must've shook his hand when he did a good job so now that's in his head, too cute!

Now, damn, what was the other thing I wanted to say. It was something about Princess, I remember that but I don't remember what. UGH!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Some more random thoughts...

Boy, I haven't been updating my blog very well, life has gotten away from me the past couple of months with the holidays and moving in to a new house.

I do have some funny stories to share though. Lovebug certainly comes out with some great things, I never know what he's going to say and they always crack me up.

Yesterday hubby took Lovebug to Home Depot to their kid workshop they have Saturday mornings. He made a birdhouse rain gauge. When I saw it, he told me that it was for me for my birthday (my birthday was a couple of weeks ago), I told him that I loved it. Then he said "It's just what you always wanted mommy". Yup, you got it Lovebug, I don't know where he learned that from.

Lovebug "My underwear feels funny. It's in my butt". LOL, that was his first wedgie apparently.

Someone to Princess "Are you the Princess?" Princess answers "Yes!"  She doesn't have her name for nothing.