Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The story behind the Princess & Shoes video

Princess absolutely LOVES shoes, especially when they're new. Her and I were playing in the living room. She had her sneakers on when we first started playing. She then discovered that her Buster Browns (the ones in the video) were also in the living room. So, she brought them over to me and had me take off her sneakers to put the BB's on. I did that. Then she played for a bit, came back to me and had me take off her shoes & her socks and then just put her shoes on with no socks. This went on for quite some time, shoes on with socks and then shoes on with no socks. Back & forth, back & forth.

At one point, she wanted me to put them back on but got mad every time I tried. She wanted me to put them on the WRONG feet. So, I did that and she was happy as a clam. She only kept them like that for a couple of minutes and then had me switch them back again. It really was quite funny.

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Lysana said...

Hehe. You have more patience with that (shoes on. shoes off. shoes on shoes off shoes on shoes off SCREAM BECAUSE I CAN'T GET THEM ON MYSELF put them on put them on put them ON!) than some people in our house (*cough*Daddy*cough*).

Have fun with that! Hee hee.