Monday, November 3, 2008

The Weekend...well Sunday and a bit of Monday

We went to Toys r Us to look at train tables for Lovebug's birthday present. We did find what we want but didn't buy it yet because I had coupons at home. At any rate, I was pushing Lovebug in the carriage.  I left the carriage outside the store when we were done and carried Lovebug to the car, then we drove to Red Robin. I went to get Lovebug out of the van and realized that I didn't have my diaper bag/pocketbook, ACK!!! So, Hubby put Princess back in the van and ran across the parking lot while I drove over there. Of course that shopping cart was gone! He went into the store to ask at the desk about it and also search the store but no luck. He tried calling my cell phone but it was on vibrate so that didn't help much. As I was sitting outside the store in the van a lady came up and asked me if I lost my bag. She had it. She said that she didn't want to give it to management because she didn't trust them. She was going to call me. I checked and my credit cards were still in it as well as a gift card so I'm assuming all is well. Now I guess she could've written down my credit card numbers so I'll watch them carefully but she looked trustworthy.

Lovebug hasn't been feeling well lately. He has a really bad cough and hasn't been eating well. The pediatrician says we just have to let it run its course so that's what we'll do. The poor little guy is losing his voice though, he sounds so pathetic.

Princess is doing great! She has started grabbing her feet when she's on her back and it's the cutest thing. She's very ticklish. If you rub the bottom of her feet, her tummy or her thighs she'll laugh away. I also fed her real food again tonight, cereal & green beans. She did really well with it. She's such a boob girl that it's been hard to feed her. I think I found the trick tonight to nurse her a bit first when I get home from work, then feed her at dinner time with us and she's much more agreeable then.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Wiggles & "Woof, woof"

Hubby & I brought Lovebug to see The Wiggles this afternoon. At first I don't think he knew what to think. As soon as The Wiggles came on stage in their big red car singing "Toot, toot, chugga, chugga, big red car" his face lit right up and he realized where we were. He had a great time. He of course loved seeing Dorothy his favorite character. We made a sign to hold up that said "Lovebug loves Dorothy" and it was spotted by Murray. We also brought roses for her and a dog bone for Wags. The seats were expensive but I think they were well worth it, we were sitting about 10 rows back from the stage.

We were annoyed though because we couldn't bring our camera in. The website says that you can use a camera just not a recording device however what it doesn't tell you is that the only type of camera that's acceptable is a little point & shoot. So we weren't able to get any pictures.

We went for dinner at my parents house. Lovebug had a cough all day and it seemed to be getting worse. Hubby had made a comment about how he hoped it wasn't croup. I said, if it was it would be more of a barky cough. Right on cue, Lovebug went "woof, woof". Honestly, it couldn't have been any funnier. We were all in hysterics. He was apparently paying attention to what we were saying and thought he should bark when I said the word.

We are now waiting for the pediatrician to call back. He's been coughing since we put him to bed and he has a fever of 102, poor little guy.

I guess I should mention Princess and not make this all about Lovebug. She's doing great though so there's not much to report today. I'm hoping that daylight savings doesn't mess up her sleep too much!


We had a great time Trick or Treating on Halloween. Lovebug was Yoda and Princess was Princess Leia. Lovebug wanted to be carried the whole time which made for a long night for Hubby. He had a good time though. He said "trick or treat" once to a neighbor but that's all we could get him to say.

This is a picture we had taken at the photographer on Sunday.