Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Baby Loss Awareness Day & My Special Group of Friends

Tomorrow is Baby Loss Awareness Day. This is a day to remember all babies lost before, during and just after birth. Light a candle at 7pm to help us remember.

As you may or may not know, we lost a baby on November 24, 2005. I was 8 weeks along and it was Thanksgiving Day. My due date was June 17, 2006. As you can imagine, it was a terrible day.

In March 2006 we conceived Lovebug. He definitely replaced the hole in my heart that had been created by our loss. I couldn't have been happier! He was born 100% healthy on November 17, 2006.

I found out in October 2007 that I was pregnant. This was a bit of a surprise! I was on birth control at the time so we weren't trying. But it was indeed a blessing. Once I calculated the dates I discovered that my due date was June 17, 2008, exactly 2 years after the due date of my lost baby. I couldn't believe it. The first 8-12 weeks were so tough wondering if this baby was going to make it. But I truly believe that Princess was brought to us by our angel and that's why there were so many similarities. She was born 100% healthy on June 9, 2008. She is indeed our special miracle!

To be honest, I don't think about my miscarriage often. It was a sad time of my life and I often wonder what that baby would be like today. But I wouldn't have Lovebug now if I had had that baby and I probably wouldn't have Princess. I do think about that baby around this time every year and of course on November 24th. Thanksgiving will never again be the same for me.

However, because of my miscarriage I met a wonderful group of women. We all met on a message board on WebMd and formed special friendships. We unfortunately all share the bond of having had miscarriages. Luckily though, most of us have gone on to have at least 1 baby if not 2 or more (Ashley!) since then.

Among those amazing women, I have my extra-special group of Ya-ya's. We talk daily and I value their friendships so much. Ashley, Jill, Kelly, Kristi, Mary, Patti & Reid. Among us we have 18 kids (wow, who knew it was that many!?!?). We have met Ashley & her family in person a few times and we're going to Disney with Kelly and her family in November. I honestly don't know what I would do without my Ya's. Love you all!

So, this has been my little tribute to Baby Loss Awareness Day. Remember those tomorrow who have lost a baby.

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Lysana said...

That brought tears to my eyes. Love you Jaime!!

And - 18? Really? WOW! That's a lot of kids! I had no idea it was that many...I've never added it up! :)

Thank you for sharing this special post.