Friday, May 21, 2010

Oh Man!!! A post all about Princess

This has become a favorite phrase in our house. I believe it comes from Swiper on Dora. Lovebug was saying it for a while. Princess has since started saying it. Even while I'm typing this..."Oh Man!". If either hubby or I say "Oh Man!" back to her, she says "No Oh Man!" and wags her little finger at us. Cutest thing in the world!

Princess has also started saying "Yeah" with this little accent like she's from Sweden. So sweet! For the most part she says "Yes", something she learned from Lovebug but every so often she'll say "Ye-eah", I don't even know how to type it out.

And the other day I could tell she was pooping. I said "Princess did you poop?" and she said "no". Then immediately said "diaper" which means that she has a poopy butt and needs her diaper changed. Ahhhh....

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Lysana said...

She's adorable! And she is talking so much, wow! :)