Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lovebug needs tubes

About 6-8 weeks ago we brought Lovebug to the audiologist & ENT to have his ears tested. This was after he had 2 bad hearing tests at the pediatrician. We found out that he had fluid and his ear drums weren't vibrating which was preventing him from hearing. He had mild to moderate hearing loss. We went for a follow up appointment last week and it's not any better.

Also, at the first appointment, we found out that he has a double uvula (the dangly thing in the back of your mouth). We never knew this before.

So, he said at this point our only option is tubes to help the fluid drain from his ears. He said that because of the double uvula, the muscle that helps to drain the ears isn't working properly. Now, when he went to the ENT before and I first learned that he has a double uvula he told me that it wasn't a concern and won't cause any problems. Now, he's telling me the real truth this time around. Hopefully the tubes will help drain the fluid and then his hearing will improve. If the muscle doesn't start working properly then there is a chance that Lovebug could need multiple sets of tubes and could possibly need them throughout his life. That was a bit of a shocker to hear.

So, his surgery is scheduled for June 24th. On June 19th, we're going to the hospital for a tour, I guess they really show the kids everything and they get little motorized cars and make it fun for them.

I don't think his speech has been affected by the hearing issues so I'm curious to see what happens when he has the tubes and can hear better.


Kimberly said...

Jamie I had tubes when I was 11 which is old for made a huge difference I am sure he will be much better and it is a pretty easy proceedure...biggest issue is keeping water out until they are removed....they will give him awesome ear plugs so its not too bad!!!

Lysana said...

I hope it all goes well!

Which reminds me, I need to call the ENT to schedule tubes surgery for my Imp, too. Sigh.

jdawg said...

Oh no, I'm sure it will be great. My friends son had it done back in November and she said it has made a huge difference. I'll be thinking of you guys. (this is Jill in case it comes up as Jody, aka jdawg :)