Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Night Potty training Lovebug

Oh man, there were 2 things I wanted to write about and now I can only remember one of them, ugh!

The one I remember. Lovebug has been wearing underwear to bed the past few nights. We had run out of diapers, I told him that I wasn't buying more but that he could wear pullups to bed. We bought some on Sunday and he REFUSES to wear them. Sunday night I got him up when I went to bed to use the potty but he didn't go. He woke up wet. Monday night I didn't wake him up when I went to bed and he woke up wet. Last night, he went to bed, I didn't wake him up but this morning Hubby woke him up before he had a chance to wake up himself and he was dry! I had said that I think he pees early in the morning. And that must be what it is. Now the funny part. I was still home when Hubby got him up, so I said "give me a high five" to Lovebug and he did. Then he said "Now you need to shake my hand". I was cracking up. Someone somewhere must've shook his hand when he did a good job so now that's in his head, too cute!

Now, damn, what was the other thing I wanted to say. It was something about Princess, I remember that but I don't remember what. UGH!

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WolfeFamily said...

thats cute! (minus the peeing in the bed part). I hope he keeps it up.