Thursday, November 26, 2009

Potty Training Lovebug

Well, we decided that this long holiday weekend was the perfect time to work on potty training Lovebug.
When we woke up this morning I put on his new big-boy underwear. At first he said I want my big boy underwear. I think what he meant is plain white underwear not ones with characters on it, LOL.

So, we put on his big boy underwear and I had him sit on the potty. We talked about how we're going to sit on the potty every time the timer goes off on my phone and how when he does go pee-pee in the potty that he'll get a Buzz Lightyear sticker. He sat there for about a minute and said he was all done. We did this a couple of times this morning. I believe it was after the 2nd time that about 10 minutes later he went in his underwear, the good thing is that he told me right afterward that he had gone so we got him changed right away.

As of right now (11:30 am), he has gone twice in his underwear and none on the potty. But at least now he's more willing to sit on the potty every 30 minutes and he sits there for about 5 minutes "trying".

Ok, so I didn't do as well as I thought I would updating this as the weekend went on. It's now Wednesday, December 2nd and I started this on Thanksgiving, LOL. At any rate, over the weekend Lovebug went back & forth. Thursday & Friday went fairly well, Saturday he wanted a diaper. On Sunday we had no diapers so I gave him a choice of either a pull-up or big boy underwear. He wanted the underwear and did great in it all day long.

Monday was back to school (daycare), he wore a pull up. And he went all day DRY!! He peed and pooped on the potty all day long. I was so excited for him. So, now he's been in big boy underwear all week and doing great.  Today he went poop on the potty again. He told my dad that myself and momo (my mom) don't know how to poop in the potty because we're girls and only boys poop in the potty. ROFL He says the darndest things.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My Little Fashion Diva

I have found that I tend to post a lot about Lovebug only because he says so many funny things. But this post is all about Princess.

She is definitely my little fashion Diva. While we were at Disney, we were in a store and I was looking at some shirts for her. Well, the shoes happened to be at her level so she grabbed a pair of Princess flip-flops and held on to them for dear life. I did buy them for her as they were too cute to pass up. She'll be able to wear them next summer.

Earlier this week, I decided that it was time to put her in her winter jacket instead of just a fleece. It's one of the 3-in-1 kinds so I had to put the fleece part back into the outer shell. As I was putting it together she was watching me and was so very excited to be wearing a new jacket.

Then the next day (Wednesday), I was getting her dressed. I put on her shirt and her jeans. I was going to put on her sneakers even though in my head I was thinking that her brown shoes would match better (they were in the drawer so she never saw them). Well, as soon as I was about to put on her sneakers she threw a fit at me and was reaching for her drawer where she knows her shoes are kept.  She wasn't happy until I took out her brown shoes and put them on her, because after all they did match better than her sneakers.

Ahhhh, my Little Fashion Diva!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Another funny Lovebug conversation

This morning as I was putting Lovebug into the car after The Little Gym I told him that he was a goofy boy. His response to me. "I'm not a goofy boy, I'm Mickey Mouse". I laughed and looked at him and said "You're Mickey Mouse?" and he responded "Yes, and Sissy is Minnie Mouse".

It was so funny. I think this was partly due to their Halloween costumes and partly due to the fact that we had just come home from Disney.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Halloween 2009

Overall we had a good Halloween 2009. Lovebug was just getting over a fever virus so he wasn't too in to it. It was a drizzly night so we really didn't stay out for long. We went to maybe 4 or 5 houses and that was it. In our neighborhood a lot of people just leave the candy in a bowl on the porch because the entire family goes around Trick or Treating, so we saw most everyone we wanted to just walking around and didn't have to actually go their house.

Lovebug & Princess in their costumes

Lovebug as Mickey Mouse

Princess as Minnie Mouse

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Haven't updated in a while

Oh geez, well it's been a while since I've posted and Lovebug has said so many funny things tonight now if only I can remember them all.

Ok, first off, at dinner. Lately he's been wanting me to feed him including holding his cup for him, I have NO idea what's up with this. Tonight I asked him why I had to feed him and I asked him why. His response? "Because I'm busy". I asked what he was busy doing, first it was eating his vitamins and then it was drinking his milk.

His other favorite saying is "it's too hard", this could be in relation to walking, eating, doing something we ask him too.

He was also super whiney again tonight (he was last night too), when I was putting on his pj's I asked him if he could stop whining and he said "yes, after", so I of course asked "after what?" and he said "after you stop talking"...*dumb look on my face*

Oh and last night. He woke up around 2:30 am for some reason. When he gets up at night he opens his door, turns on his light, turns on the hall light and then comes into our room. So, he did that. He came in and said he had a booboo on his foot and it needed to be kissed, so I did that and put him back to bed. He then continued to come in about every 5 minutes until 3:45 or so. Another time it was to put the pillows in the closet (these were our decorative pillows that were on the floor). I have no idea how he knew they weren't in there, he hadn't been in our room to see that.

I tell you, he is something else and looking back on it, it's all funny but in the moment...not so much!

And again I'm only talking about Lovebug. Princess is doing great, she has more words "pia" (pizza) is probably her latest one, so cute! She has been fighting with a cold & fever, I just hope everyone is healthy before we leave next Saturday for Disney.

They both had a great Halloween and as soon as we find the card reader for the camera I'll get pictures posted.