Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Haven't updated in a while

Oh geez, well it's been a while since I've posted and Lovebug has said so many funny things tonight now if only I can remember them all.

Ok, first off, at dinner. Lately he's been wanting me to feed him including holding his cup for him, I have NO idea what's up with this. Tonight I asked him why I had to feed him and I asked him why. His response? "Because I'm busy". I asked what he was busy doing, first it was eating his vitamins and then it was drinking his milk.

His other favorite saying is "it's too hard", this could be in relation to walking, eating, doing something we ask him too.

He was also super whiney again tonight (he was last night too), when I was putting on his pj's I asked him if he could stop whining and he said "yes, after", so I of course asked "after what?" and he said "after you stop talking"...*dumb look on my face*

Oh and last night. He woke up around 2:30 am for some reason. When he gets up at night he opens his door, turns on his light, turns on the hall light and then comes into our room. So, he did that. He came in and said he had a booboo on his foot and it needed to be kissed, so I did that and put him back to bed. He then continued to come in about every 5 minutes until 3:45 or so. Another time it was to put the pillows in the closet (these were our decorative pillows that were on the floor). I have no idea how he knew they weren't in there, he hadn't been in our room to see that.

I tell you, he is something else and looking back on it, it's all funny but in the moment...not so much!

And again I'm only talking about Lovebug. Princess is doing great, she has more words "pia" (pizza) is probably her latest one, so cute! She has been fighting with a cold & fever, I just hope everyone is healthy before we leave next Saturday for Disney.

They both had a great Halloween and as soon as we find the card reader for the camera I'll get pictures posted.


Lysana said...

Yeah. I totally snorted at "When you stop talking." That is definitely something my Birdie would say! They are so funny!

Can't wait for Disney, either! Woo hoo! :)

WolfeFamily said...

i love kids sayings! Brooke's latest has been "Just leave me alone mommy!"