Friday, June 25, 2010

5 Question Friday

So, my dear friend Kelly did this last week. I saw it on her blog yesterday and eagerly waited to do one myself today. I'm hoping that I can get more traffic to my blog this way, although I never have anything exciting that I post. It originally comes from Mama M  and I'm very excited to be doing my first 5 Question Friday!

1. Do you know how to play a musical instrument?

I used to, does that count?!? I started playing the piano at a young age, can't remember for sure when. I took lessons for quite a while. If I were to sit down at a piano to play, would I remember how? That's questionable. I can still play chopsticks though but really who can't?

I did also used to play the clarinet in school although I was never really good at it. I played through middle school and at least through my freshman year of high school which is when I probably stopped. I hated practicing it and just never really liked it. The whole thought of sucking on that stick, what the heck was it called, to get it wet to play. It was like dragging your teeth across a popsicle stick! Have you ever done that? Ack, just the thought sends shivers down my spine, I HATE that feeling!
2. What is your pet peeve while driving?

People who don't know how to merge! Seriously, drives me CRAZY!!! There are quite a few spots on my way back and forth to work that the traffic merges and people are insane. It should be alternate merging as the signs say but some people just don't understand that. The ones that drive me the most crazy are the ones that are at your tail bumper and then at the last possible minute speed up to get in front of you. Seriously? Did you HAVE to do that?!?!

I also find it quite annoying that in a state where driving while using your handheld cell phone is banned, it's perfectly acceptable to be reading a newspaper, a book, lighting a cigarrette, etc. How is that any more safe?
3. Would you rather have a housekeeper or unlimited spa services?

Ohhhh, this is a hard one. Can't I alternate week to week? I think I'd have to take the, I'll take the unlimited spa, I'll take the housekeeper. Aaahhhh, I can't decide!!!
4. Is there a song that you hear that will take you back to the moment, like a junior high or high school dance?

Oh, where to start. Let's see...there's Hotel California which was played at the end of EVERY dance in high school. Or, there's the song that played at our graduation, the one from Breakfast Club, you know the one. "Don't you, forget about me"...Can't you hear me singing it? When I'm home and edit this blog I'll include links. There are so many others, I may need to add some additional songs later.

*edit* I'm home now and wanted to add in links to the songs. So here is Don't You Forget About Me by Simple Minds. This is the song that was played at my high school graduation.
And here is Hotel California which was seriously played at the end of EVERY school dance. (Oh wait, now I'm repeating myself)

5. What song best represents your life right now?
Manic Monday except it would be more appropriate if there was one for every day of the week, LOL.

And of course any childrens song because we spend SO much time singing them in my house.

And since Mama M mentioned the song that she'd like for her mother-son dance, here is the one that I'd like when Lovebug gets married The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lovebugs surgery

Well, today was the big day, that day that Lovebug got surgery. We went this past Saturday for a tour at the hospital (Connecticut Childrens Medical Center, CCMC). Can I just say that this was the BEST.THING.EVER that we could've done. It really gave Lovebug a good idea of what to expect today. I really didn't realize how great it was until we got there today and he was totally at ease with everything that was going on. When the nurse was explaining to him again what was going to happen and asking him questions, he was able to answer them and tell her things that he had learned on Saturday. I should also note that we went to see Toy Story 3 after the hospital tour on Saturday so maybe he thought we were going to do that again.

We got the call the other day with the time of the surgery. I was a bit disappointed that we weren't scheduled until 12:00 pm. I thought "how on earth am I going to keep him from eating or drinking all morning and it's going to be ABSOLUTE torture".

We kept Lovebug up later last night and gave him a snack around 9 and then sent him to bed. This morning I got up, got Princess up and to my parents before Lovebug got out of bed. That way he wouldn't see her with her milk and yogurt heading off. He didn't really ask for anything until I was drinking my coffee, but I reminded him how we talked last night that he can't have anything or he'd get sick and that helped. While we were waiting to leave the house, he watched some Handy Manny and played with his iPhone (yes, he has his own iPhone, it's one of our old ones, that he uses to play games).

We left the house around 9:30, making sure not to forget Froggy, his blue blanket and his iPhone. We made sure that Froggy and the blanket stayed safe on the way to the hospital by strapping them in to Princess' car seat. 


 We got to the hospital at 10:30 like we were supposed to (had to park on the TOP floor of the parking garage, UGH). When we walked in and registered, a volunteer gave Lovebug a beanie baby. That must be something that they do for patients having surgery because we'd never gotten one before when we'd been there for minor things. *read more on the irony of the beanie baby below* We went up to the registration area and got him all checked in. It was great, they had bubbles for him to play with which amused him while I was confirming our information. They put an ID bracelet on Froggy and his new beanie baby too. We were informed that we were fast tracked because they had a cancellation. We sat down for a few minutes then they called us in to Pre-op.

In pre-op we were met by a TON of nurses. They were great with Lovebug and gave him dinosaurs to play with and a coloring book. We were also told that he wouldn't have to change (huh?!?) but I still had to wear the gown, cap and mask when I went in with him. He was fine the whole time we were in pre-op waiting to go in. He just played with the dinosaurs, talked to the nurses when they came over. Here's a picture of him in pre-op, perfectly happy!

When it was time to go back to the OR, I had to put on all of the safety gear, it's such a great look. I did comment to Hubby later on that I think they just make the parents wear the outfit to amuse the kids. Lovebug was wearing his clothes & sneakers into the OR and that wasn't an issue so why would my clothes be an issue?
 We left hubby in pre-op and I went with Lovebug to the OR. At CCMC the kids get to drive a car from pre-op to the OR. Lovebug saw the cars when we came for the tour and this was what he was looking forward to the MOST. We got to the cars and he had a hard time deciding. He finally settled on the green one like "Daddy's tractor", he put Froggy and blanket in the trailer in the back (again just like daddy's) and drove to the OR. He did a great job and didn't hit anything.
We got into the OR and he sat up on the table with Froggy next to him. They put the mask on him that smelled like strawberries (the scent he had picked out) and he blew up the balloon. He did such a great job. It was a matter of seconds and he was asleep. The nurse brought me back to Hubby and we went to wait in the waiting room. In the waiting room they have a screen that you can check to see where the patient is (pre-op, OR, post-op). It really is great so you know what's going on. We were in there for probably 5 minutes when I noticed that he was in post-op already, then the doctor came in. He said that Lovebug was all done. We waited a couple more minutes for the nurse to come get us to bring us to the recovery room. Lovebug was doing fine until he saw us, he started to whine a bit but it was more because he wanted milk and he wanted to go home. He got to eat a grape popsicle. We were in there for maybe another 15 minutes then got to go home.

Lovebug was fine after we left. He acted like nothing had happened. A couple of times he said that he had balls in his ears, I wonder if maybe he can feel the tubes?, but that was about it. We came home and watched a movie (he didn't NAP!).

I did ask if he could hear me any better and he said no so we will see if that answer changes in a couple of days, I really hope so.

I just want to end this by saying that CCMC is an absolutely WONDERFUL hospital. They certainly know their stuff when it comes to kids. From the toy that he got coming in, to the stellar treatment throughout, we couldn't have asked for any more. They make the whole experience so pleasant for everyone involved, the child & the parents.

*The beanie baby story*
On the way to the hospital, I was commenting to Hubby about how many dead skunks I've seen this week and how horribly smelly they've been. There were 2 on my way to work on Monday, 3 on my way to work on Tuesday, I saw 1 this morning on my way to bringing Princess to my parents and we saw 1 or 2 on the way to the hospital. So, when Lovebug was handed the beanie baby as we walked into the hospital, by the sweet old man volunteer, what do you think it was? A dog? A bear? NO, it was a SKUNK!!! Are you serious!?!?! Hubby and I just looked at each other and started laughing. What are the chances!