Thursday, April 22, 2010

The week that hubby is away...(continued)

Well, I obviously didn't get a chance to post EVERY night like I had intended to...the best laid plans...LOL

Tuesday morning my dad picked up Lovebug & Princess, I guess that's sort of cheating since I didn't have to get them both up & out of the house before leaving but my dad offered. :) Here is a picture from dinner Tuesday night. Princess asked for rice as I was making dinner so I made some for her and I to have.

Here is a picture of how Lovebug pulled his milk across the floor. He attached his belt around it and pulled it.

I don't remember anything too eventful happening while putting them to bed. Just the typical lots of books and songs.

Wednesday was Princess' day to go to day care and Lovebugs day to go to my parents. On the drive to daycare Lovebug was talking away. He told me that he doesn't like grass and he likes flowers better. I said that flowers were pretty. Lovebug replied "and I am handsome". I said "yes, you are". Lovebug said "what is Princess?", I said "Princess is pretty", he said "Princess is pretty like a flower". sweet!
Drop off of course didn't go well. The kids like to cry for me when I drop them off, according to hubby they are fine when he drops them off. Humph!
Wednesday afternoon I left work at 4:30 so I could make it to day care at 5:15 to pick up Princess. The traffic was horrible! I didn't get to day care until 5:27. While I was sitting in traffic I called to order dinner for Princess & I (again, Lovebug is picky and won't eat anything but chicken sticks and jelly sandwiches). So, I rush into day care, Princess of course has a HUGE smile. The director loves to tell us how Princess is her little Hanna Andersson child. We then rushed to the restaurant to get dinner, rushed to my parents to get Lovebug, rushed home to eat dinner. I had to leave at 6:30 to go to the Bushnell. My dad once again came over to put the kids to bed.

Thursday morning was much like Tuesday morning so really not much to report. After work I picked up the kids from my parents. When we pulled into the driveway Princess said "Daddy, home?", I said "no", Princess said "bowling". Then Lovebug said "I like daddy". So cute!!!
They both got to talk to hubby on the phone before dinner for a couple of minutes.

So glad that hubby is coming home tomorrow night. The kids are very excited to go to the airport to pick him up tomorrow afternoon.

Monday, April 19, 2010

The week that hubby is away...

I dropped off hubby at the airport this afternoon. He's going to Reno to the Nationals (USBC tournament). He won't be back until Friday night. He told both of the kids this morning that he was going but I don't think either of them really "got it". When I picked up Lovebug from day care, he asked if daddy was at home. I told him no he wasn't and he was on an airplane. Lovebug wasn't really happy with that answer. He then said that he'd talk to him on my computer and I had to tell him not tonight (hubby doesn't get to Reno until 12:30am our time I think). So, then he said he'd talk to him on the phone, I explained that he can't use a phone on the airplane and he could talk to him tomorrow. I think he finally understood.
When we got home he was excited to see daddy's car and thought that meant that he was home, I told him that no he wasn't. So, he said "an airplane came here and picked up daddy". LOL. I did tell him that I brought him to the airport so he wouldn't think that airplanes regularly land in our yard.
When we got into the house, he told me to lock the door so no one can get in. Guess he's being the man of the house and protecting us girls.
So, this begins my week as a single parent, we'll see how it goes.
And as I'm typing this Princess is saying "Daddy? Daddy home?"
I'm sure they will both be really excited when they can talk to him tomorrow.
I'm going to try to update the blog regularly this week to keep hubby informed of how things go. He hasn't been gone for this long since Dylan was 6 months old, things have certainly changed a lot since then. LOL

I looked up a flight tracker online that shows where the plane is at all times. I pointed out where we are and where daddy is going and then I pointed out the plane. Lovebug thought it was so cool. He asked to look at it a few times before he went to bed.
Night one went well. They both ate a great dinner and went to bed fairly easily.